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I arrived!!!

2nd October 2011

semi-overcast 20 °C

So, here I am, sat in a very dodgy internet cafe in Quito, having made an idiot of myself already having to ask how to type the @ sign. How was I to know that its alt Q, in fact how am I even expected to know where Q is as the keys are blank! Anyway, this will be badly typed, but sure you'll all work it out.....

So I arrived here safely 24 hours after leaving home. Was relatively pain free other than a slight problem trying to prove to Continental that I am in fact the Sarah Elson that owned my seat on the flight. Apparantly there were many of us. Also managed to forget my brand new camera as I was leaving the airport. Fortunately I noticed after ordering my cab and found some random security guard walking around with it back in the customs area. If this camera makes it through the whole six months, it{ll be a small miracle.

My hotel is a little basic to say the least and they don't speak a word of English, so I'm being tested on my Spanish already. Interesting when trying to stretch myself to explain that I don't know when I'm due to be picked up for Galapagos and they need to tell me. I think they said 1am but I'm convinced that's not right as my flight doesn't leave until 7:30 and I'm only 20 mins from the airport. Which brings me to my next worry.....flights. I've got this sinking feeling that my flights are not boked properly. I hope I'm worrying over nothing, but I have a confirmation that states wrong dates. I'm hoping the tour company have just made a mistake. I have no way of finding out until I get there. There may be tears.....

Other than my worries of the day, I've had a very chilled first day. Got up early despite lack of sleep and re-packed my bag for the 50th time. This time it's sorted. It is going to drive me mad though. Roll on the overlanding truck when I can empty it of a couple things and actually live out of it easily. Went for a mid morning heart attack breakfast at a local cafe of eggs, potatoes, chorizo and tomato. Was scrummy, but am needing fruit and veg already! Managed to befriend the waiter who kept the free coffee coming and then took off for a walk arund Quito.

I've had constant changing views of Quito since I arrived. I loved it when we flew over. So beautiful. Then on the taxi ride, I was slightly put off by the pumping karaoke bars (south american stylee, it was NOT like tenerife) and disco trucks. Then during my exploring today I began to fall for it again. I found some nice parks with craft markets and lots of locals chilling out, eating good food, driving around in little peddlo cars and boating on little lakes. I found a little festival type thing with live music and lots of dancing. Lots of live music in the squares with lots of people just enjoying their Sunday. Very relaxing, very friendly and a world away from last nights first impressions. Have come back towards the hotel now to try to grab a couple hours sleep before I (hopefully) head to Galapagos. Already I have been approached by a random who assured me he was a "funky guy". I disagreed and made a quick escape.

If I had to summarise my thoughts of Quito before I leave, I would say that the people are amazing and very helpful and friendly. The area I'm staying in is too set up for tourists and as a result has attracted some less amiable characters, but you get that everywhere. I'm looking forward to coming back later on my trip when I've climatised myself a little more. I think I'm going to like it.

Well that's it for now. Mainly wanted to let those who need to know, that I am here and in one piece. May not get to blog again until after Galapagos. If I blog tomorrow, then I will not be happy!!

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