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Quito to Tena

Pigs balls and witchetty grubs


On the 28th November I started the second leg of my tour of South America, Quito to Lima. Only three of the previous 9 passengers were to continue on for the second leg and we were due a full truck of 23 passengers plus three crew. We ended up being one less due to a lost passport situation but that will hopefully get resolved at some point. 

So I awoke on my second day in Quito and spent most of the day with the old group, wandering around the old town. I was then relocated to a different room where i was to share with one of the new passengers. This turned out to be Anna, a londoner who works in the National History Museum and who would be joining us until Lima. 

We had the usual welcome meeting malarkey where we have to pay kitty etc and meet everyone and then headed out for dinner with the new and old passengers. One thing led to another and the next thing we
Knew all the tables had been shifter and we were making idiots of ourselves dancing the night away again. A very funny evening. Anyway, off we went bak to the hotel (no muggings this time although some of the new passengers were attacked with machetes and sprayed with poo but that's a differed story), got home went to bed and was woken in the early hours by a completely unknown random man sat on my bed. I'm hoping it was a case of wrong room and he seemed as freaked out as I was but it's fair to say I didn't sleep too soundly that night! Quite sadly we were all glad to see the back of Quito, although I'm sure there are some really nice parts, I think we just got a bit unlucky. 

After quito we left to head the the jungle near a town called Tena. We had no idea what to expect of the accomodation as the shangri la which dragonfly normally uses ha burnt down only a week before. We were told to expect basic, and it was certainly that, but completely bloody amazing at the same time! We arrived after dark as the 4 hour drive took us 10 hours, so we didn't know what we were about to find. We were due to have lunch in the lodge but owing to the 10 hour journey, we stopped enroute for food. What was being cooked up at the roadside was unknown initially but after a few pieces of the meat we identified our meal as some kind of testicle, most likely pig. It's fair to say they were absolutely disgusting. They didn't taste bad but had a horrible grisly centre that you couldn't chew through. Wrongness.

We stopped at Tena to be issued our welly boots and then started the 40 min drive to our accompdation. The truck could not get too close  so we offloaded our stuff and carried them along the rocky path to the lodge. We were ushered straight to the kitchen for dinner so we still had not seen our rooms, but the communl area was candle lit and just a wooden shack in the middle of nowhere with no Walls and some hammocks to chill on. This is also where we met Dave the Labrador puppy who was amazing and very funny biting at our ankles all the time. We also met the family who would be our hosts gor the next few nights. After dinner we were shown to our lodges, three to each wooden hut Which was a similar set up, no Walls, just a tin roof and three beds covered in mosquito nets and no lighting etc. All around you could just hear the sounds of the jungle which was so nice to fall asleep to.

A few people stayed up for drinks and there was the infamous speech made by little chris who managed to drop the c bomb all night and offend absolutely everyone, but I took the opportunity to settle in to my room and enjoy the sounds.

The next morning after an amazing breakfast of eggs and plantain we headed off for the "hike" in the jungle that we had all been waiting for. The hike turned out to be pretty extreme and quite scary at times. We were walking through and around hundreds of waterfalls and there were a few that we had to climb up also with only a rope to help us. It freaked me out but I loved every minute of it, and despite the lack of swimwear, I enjoyed a shower under the waterfall too. Leggings and vesty not a good loom wet after 5 weeks of heavy eating!!!

When we eventually got back to the lodges we had some time to chill on the hammocks and that's when the witchetty grubs made an appearance. They were brought out raw by the owner of the lodge and he was joking about adding them to the dinner menu. He wasn't joking. Uncooked these guys were huge. About an inch wide and two inches long. They felt pretty weird and looked absolutely disgusting. Cooked, they were about a quarter of the size. I decided I had to try one and wasn't to grossed out. A nutty flavour and quite creamy with a really chewy outside. Some people struggled with them but I thought they were alright. Well I did until someone reminded me they are the lavae of some kind of beetle. Yuk.

The following day we started off by visiting an animal sanctuary. Was great to see all the monkeys and birds but a shame that most would never be released into the wild. We saw loads of spider monkeys there too just hopping about in the wild which was pretty cool. I love them! 

After that we were driven off to see the accommodation that had burnt down as it's in a really cool place on the edge of a cliff. We were all a little distracted there though as it was at this point we'd been told to get into our bikinis and walk in our bikinis to a local community. We were all a bit wierded out by this concept but we had to run with it. It actually turned out that after getting bikini'd up pretty much in front of each other we were to get walking boots back on and sit back on the bus for another hour to where we were to start our tubing on the amazon. This basically involved tying 5 inner tubes together to make rafts, of which there were three and then diving our group of 25 between the three rafts and floating down the river. It was so much fun. We went over lots of rocks and down rapids and needed to lift bums at some points because the water was so shallow. We were on there for about an hour before we got off and walked to see the local community. We were taken into one of the homes where they told us about how they live and what they eat and drink etc. We tried the local drink which was pretty bloody disgusting. Basically the ladies chew on yucca then spit it into a pot where it's left to ferment and then it's mixed with something (I think water) and you drink it. We tried it mixed and unmixed. Unmixed it tastes of yeast. Mixed it tastes of gone off yoghurt. Pretty nasty. We tried this palm tree stuff too which was so good, a little bit like cabbage but with a nicer texture. After we were done with that and a quick pee stop in their garden, some of us played football with the locals before heading back to continue our tubing.

The return journey was very slow and we ended up seeing sunset and all the stars when we were floating down there. It was beautiful. Forumately there was no sign of the anacondas that we were told come out after dark. We did go through a few low hanging trees though. It was such an amazing experience but it got so cold we were all glad to be back on the bus at the end.

When we got back to the lodge, we were supposed to have a shamen come talk to us, but he never showed up so the family talked us through it all instead. Lots of dancing that we had to join in with and then we had a wedding ceremony. Fortunately the honeymooners were picked for this although I did have to be godmother and join in. Basically lots of backwards and forwards walking and hand holding. One of the guys went through the cleansing ritual which to me looked like being hit with a tree branch for several minutes before being spat on. It was a great night and a great end to our stay in the jungle. One final night of amazing outdoor sleeping before heading off to banos the next day.....

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Cali to Quito

Cheesy clubbing and muggings

all seasons in one day

It's been a long time since my last update due to some very random and remote accommodation but I'll write about that later....

My last update was at the start of our stay in Cali and since then I've finished touring Colombia, been through Ecuador and am now making my way through Peru. There's a lot to cover. I hope I can remember it all! 

All we knew about Cali was that it was a city with plenty of nightlife, and that's exactly what we got and not a lot more. On arriving in Cali nursing our hangovers from the coffee plantation extravaganza, we settle ourselves into the hostel and got ourselves ready for a night on the town, we were staying close to the sexta where all the clubs are so that's where we headed. No major events that night, just lots of rum and coke and plenty of salsa dancing. The following day was very slow. Everyone was feeling shattered so most of us managed little more than a huge breakfast, a walk to the shops and some films at the hostel, recovering before we headed out on one of the Chiva buses. After a huge Chinese takeaway, we donned our glad rags, rum and coke and awaited our chariot for the night. I expected a very tacky ride on a party bus and I was not let down. The bus arrived complete with disco ball, foam machine, cheesy music and to top it all a dancing pole. We all boarded tentatively, but within 10 minutes we got into the swing of things, downed a few drinkies and danced the night away. The idea was that this was a tour of the city but we saw very little. A few major landmarks, some graffiti artists, a quick stop for some street entertainment and the rest was just a party. After two hours we refused to get off and extended the ride for another hour of dancing. When the ride finally finished for good, we hopped off and headed for somewhere to continue the party. Being a Sunday night, choices were limited and we found ourselves in a gay salsa bar. Much fun was had there before we finally gave up and headed home for recovery. Our final day in Cali was subdued but I managed a walk to the famous gato del rio, a huge statue of a cat which is surrounded by other cat statues which are painted by local artists. We found some nice little artist houses for some shopping and some strong coffee before an early night before some long drive days as we made our way to Quito and the end of the first leg of the trip. 

Along the way down through to Quito we passed through popayan where we had a couple of hours in the driving rain to explore the beautiful town. We all agreed that we needed more time here. It looked like a nice town but we got soaked through and only managed a quick run around with hoods up and heads down before giving up. Birthday dinner for Michael in the evening before another early night.

The next day we drove down to ipiales which was our final stop before we crossed the border into Ecuador. We were expecting a long drive, but unfortunately the truck broke down en route so instead of exploring the santuario la lajas gothic church we sat on the roadside for a few hours playing uno until it was too dark to continue. The breakdown was initially caused by a lack of diesel due to the restrictions of bringing diesel across the Colombian ecuadorian border. Fortunately we broke down next to a police check and after much ringing around they found us a petrol station willing to sell us some diesel and we were soon back up and running and heading towards the hostel. 

The following morning we went back to the gothic church, which was set into the mountain side. It was absolutely beautiful. It's famous for miracles and outside of the church there are hundreds
of plaques depicting those that have happened. After we were done exploring the church we headed off for another long drive day which was to include my first overland border crossing. 

The border crossing was relatively simple and I missed the sweepstakes time by only three minutes. I'm sure there was some delay tactics going on. I had a lovey conversation with some random about his tummy troubles on an overnight bus with no toilet before being questioned in Spanish about my wet passport which had annoyingly blurred my last exit stamp from Ecuador so they weren't sure how long i'd already visited the country for. Eventually they let me in and with new currency in hand we all headed to the famous Market town of otovalo.

Otovalo was a lovely little town and we could already see the change in people between Colombia and Ecuador. The otovalans all where traditional dress and are very American Indian looking. The dress is beautiful. The ladies where blus skirts, White embroidered blouses, multiple strings of gold beads around their necks and lovely patterned belts. They also wear pretty hats. The guys where White trousers and blue shirts, their hair is kept long and in a single plait. We only had time that nice for some dinner and a few drinks, but we had a late start the following day to give us time to explore the markets and do lots of shopping!

This was the last day of this leg of the tour, with a drive to Quito followed by farewell dinner for those who were leaving the truck here. Only three of us continued on tour so it was to be a big night. It ended up being an eventful night as the fight that broke out outside our Thai restaurant resulted in police intervention with pepper spray which escaped into our restaurant and left us with coughing and sneezing fits for a little while. We went on to a club where it all got a little messy with mahoosive shots of aguadiente, the local spirit. Lots of dancing and goodbye hugs and general love in. Unfortunately on the way home to the hostel, one of the group was surrounded by small children and using an interesting distraction technique they opened her bag and stole her camera and purse. Apparently quite common in Quito as she found out two days later when it happened again. 

It was sad to be saying goodbye to the first group, we all got on well and a small group meant that we were able to do pretty much everything together. Lots of happy memories of the first leg of my travels and I went to bed very excited about meeting 20 new passengers the following day.

I'll leave it there for now and write soon about the start of the second leg of my tour which has also been amazing. So many good times to still write about!!!

Until then, love you all,
Sarah xx

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Guatape to Manizales

Rum and snow

all seasons in one day 24 °C

I've just had the best few days on a coffee plantation near Manizales in Colombia, surrounded by beautiful mountains and colombian rum, can it really get better than this?!!

Anyway, prior to that there was Guatapaye, expectation was that of a small campsite by a lake in the sun in the middle of nowhere. We were wrong. There were a few hairy moments on the drive to Guatapaye, including a short drive the wrong way down the pan-american highway. Quite scary when you're in a huge truck. We eventually managed to get ourselves over the central reservation, narrowly missing several lamposts, but we did get caught by the police, so naturally we sent the non spanish speaking guide out to deal with the situation. Fortunately the took kindly to us and didn't kill us or worse, and we were sent on our way. We arrived on a bank holiday and the town was buzzing, usual "seaside" town type activities only with lakes, not sea. The scenery was amazing and we were all excited about ther prospect of pitching up and heading back to town to join in the fun. And then the heavens opened and they stayed open until the early hours of the following morning. There was much mud and rum and eventually a blocked toilet also (not fun when you have holiday tummy - if you catch my drift), there were cold showers and several falls in the mud. Needless to say the kayaking that was planned didn't happen.

The following day a few of us went for a hike around the ares with a local guide, which ended up being a guide and his family. It was so nice. They were shimmying up trees picking fruit for us, helping us with our spanish, sharing their food and generally enterrtaining us despite a huge language barrier. We walked up the massive rock (I forget the name but I will remember at some point), 700 steps in the balzing heat, we walked through the hills, had the local sweet tea with a monk (awkward) and didn't end up seeing the waterfalls as it was raining again. A great day out followed by a huge meal courtesy of my cook group of fajitas. Mmmmmm mmmm. And another 12 hours of rain and mud.

The following day we were all glad to get the hell out of the mud bath and headed towards Manizales where we were to stay on a coffee plantation. It took approx 2 mins for us all to upgrade from camping to hostel but we pretty much had the house to ourselves. It was pure luxury, hammocks on the veranda, rolling mountains, swimming pool, hot showers!!!! The first since Galapagos. Manizales is spectacular, huge mountains and amazing landscape, I think we could all have stayed much longer. The city was having a small crisis though. They are suffering a lot of landslides and the latest has resulted in the water supply being cut so the whole city is without water. It was crazy seeing them all queuing to collect water from the drains of the mountains. I think we were all very happy to be staying out of town where we had as much water as you needed.

Whilst on the coffe plantation we spent a morning being taught about coffee and being given a tour of the plantation, waded through the river and sucked on some raw beans. In the afternoon we toured the town. The following day we went up a volcano into high altitude, such a strange sensation but gladly noone suffered with any sickness. It was also strange to be having a snowball fight after being roasting hot on the beach a few days ago. After this we had the best evening ever! We had an argentinian chef come to the plantation and cok us a BBQ of chicken, beef, ribs, freshly cooked bread loads of salad and some very strong drinks too!. Then a local band arrived and played for us for a couple of hours. Much dancing and drinking and so much fun. We were all sad to leave today.

I have also seen the biggest moth in my whole life and a huge grasshopper. I'm so easily pleased.

So now we are in Cali after another long drive. We are planning on a night of salsa tonight and then we have a couple free days to explore. Hopefully will be slightly more successful than Medellin. Although with Kiwi's on board I think it's going to be a late one watching the rugby at some point. I have the ability to load some pics now but will do it tomorrow when I have more time.

Hope everyone is well back home. Another update soon xxxx

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Colombia part one....

First days...

all seasons in one day -28 °C

So I'm still having a few challenges with loading photos (this time the issue is down to me locking all of my important possessions includng camera in my locker and not realising that I had accidentally reset the password on my padlock - oops). So this is going to be another boring update with no pictures. To be fair, I haven't taken too many since Galapagos, but I have a few more to share.

So I am now with the first group of travellers, a small group of 9 but with 4 guides we are 13, a mixture of Brits, Aussies, Kiwis and Irish. Everyone is great and we are all getting on pretty well. I'll be with this group until Quito in Ecuador in a couple weeks time, when most people leave. Only one other passenger will be there until the end of the trip so will have lots of new people along the way.

The tour started in Cartegena with a group meet on the roof terrace of the hostel, after doing the usual initial meeting stuff we headed out for a spot of dinner and what ended up being copius amounts of beer and rum. Not a bad start - this lot can drink :-) So the next day we decided to shake the hangover off pretty early with a trip to the mud volcano (Volcano Tortugas if I remember rightly). The volcano was pretty odd looking very small but we are told was 2 kms deep. After the trek up some very precarious steps to the top of the volcano, we gave cameras to the locals to take pictures and were quickly helped into the opening where we were to wallow in the thick mud for an hour or so. You were given an "optional" massage (in some cases people got a little more than they bargained for - not sure if I shoudl be offended or not that I got standard massage for my one pound payment) and then were pushed aside to stand for a while. Very strange being in bottomless mud, it was incrdibly thick and no amount of forcing yourself nto the mud would make you sink. After getting out and being given an non optional rub down we headed back down the volcano to clean off in the lagoon. Soe people chose to be washed by the local women who were very quick to whip off the bikinis and give you a good scrub down. We've all seen far too much of each other already!!

After the volcano, we headed back to Cartagena for a walking tour of the city. Cartagena is beautiful, or at least the old town is. All colonial buildings with stunning flower strewn balconies. The old town is completely pretected by a massive wall which was built to protect the city from pirates. On top of the wall is a nice bar where we sat and drank cocktails and watched the sun go down before heading out for a live band and some dancing in ne of the local hostels.

After a late night drinking we took to the truck for the first time and headed to Covenas which is a small town on the Carribean sea. This was to be our first camping experience. We have broken up into three cook groups so we headed to the supermarket armed with our kitty for our allocated meals. After pitching up we sat on hammocks on the beach whilst the first group cooked up an amazing chilli. A great start to camp life. Next morening we were up early for a boat trip around the islands of san bernandos. We toured around the 6 islands, including the most inhabited island in the world. Then landed on one of the islands for a swim, some snorkelling and some more food and the best coconut cocktail ever! We managed to leave one of the group out in the water snorkelling but after an initial panis we eventually found him and returned back to the mainland. My grup cooked up an amazing curry and chocolate willies and ate watching the most amazing lightning show ever. Early night ready for yesterdays long 14 hour drive to Medellin.

We were all hoping for a big night out dancing salsa last night, but after arriving at the hotel very late and hungry we fell into the nearest bar and ended up watching the rugby. Not quite the plan, but we pulled a 24 hour stint and retired at around 5am.

That's it for now. I'm waiting for one of the guides to wake up so that we can smash open my locker and I can go out and take some piccies of the city. Hopefully will share these with you soon.

For those who have emailed me, I'm sorry for not replying yet. I'll try to do so tonight. We are camping for the next 5 nights, so may not be back for a few days. Will update you all post coffee lantation camp out! Until then.......

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Life after Galapagos.....

Wishing I was there....

sunny 28 °C

So I eventually made it to Galapagos following a lot of worrying and some frantic emails and phone calls. I am so over stressing now. Everything seems to sort itself out here.

I don´t even know where to start to write about Galapagos. I wish I could have posted every day, there is too much to tell and it's already beginning to blur into one.

So I wont tell you any more about the bad organisation of the trip, needless to say, if it could have gone wrong, it did. That is until I arrived on the islands. After that point I didn't have to lift a finger. Klein tours and Galapagos Legend could not do enough for us. We were overfed three times a day with snacks twice a day when we got back on the boat. Most drinks etc were all paid for and we could help ourselves to coffee and snacks at any time of day. We were woken each day by gentle music and the "sexy voice" apologising for waking us from our final moments of sleep or our sweet dreams with a 15 minute warning that breakfast will soon be ready. Cruise life was very easy.

So on arrival at the islands, we were greated by the guides who would not leave our sides for the next 8 days. We boarded the bus from the airport to the dock to await our taxis - the pangas which would become the source of many a wet bum and numerous dry and wet landings over the course of the trip. Whilst we were waiting for the pangas to arrive, we waited in the blazing sunshine and were greated with Blue Footed Boobies, Pelicans, Crabs and Frigates. Not a bad start. It was there that I first exerienced the diving boobies, they scan the sea from in the sky and then dive at 60mph into the water to catch thier prey, a spectacular display that we were to see much more of.

So we boarded the pangas, using the Galapagos Grip (clinging to your guide and the drivers for dear life) and off we set to meet the awaiting ship - the Galapagos Legend. Once on board, we were assigned our cabins (I was upgraded so I didn't have to share) and awaited the arrival of our luggage (mine went missing but that just continues the theme to the start of my trip). We then had some time to explore the ship and to relax whilst we waited to for the first of our briefings. This was when the sunburn started. No luggage = no sunscreen. The boat had everything you could want, a small pool, a hot tub (not hot), a sauna (also not hot) hammocks, some bars a restaurant, a library. Slightly better than my one bed flat in Hove.

We were immediately fed - I wont go on about it but the food was amazing but there was way too much and I am MUCH bigger now than I was 8 days ago. It was here that I met my dining companions for the next few days. It was supposed to be quiet on the boat, so we had a lot of travel agents with us checking out the boat, and I was placed with them. They were a really nice group of all nationalities including Argentinian and Ecuadorian, so I made sure to befriend them so that I can meet them later on my tour.

We were then given our first briefing, to advise the rules of the islands, but also to tell us about the plans for the day. We were to have a briefing each night after this to tell us about the next days activities - there were two a day and to let us know if it was a dry or wet landing and timeof departure. We were also split into groups at this point and assigned guides. I was in the group of the dolphins with Marcela as my tour guide. She was a local from Galapagos (as are most of the guides) and was very knowledgable of the plants, animals and islands. She was a tiny lady but very animated and captivated us with every little talk she gave. She became the next of my friends, and I enjoyed sitting on the beach with her and helping her with her English language. I miss her already.

The rest of my group were also nice, smoe very excitable Japanese, a couple of French guys, some Americans and a couple of Indians who lasted 10 minutes before giving up and returning to the mainland.

So the first adventure was to go find the Frigate birds, who were in the last few days of the mating season. The male birds have a red sack on their chest and if they are single they puff it up with air to attract the females. The bigger the sack the better apparantly. We saw lots of these birds but we were also literally tripping over iguanas and sea lions too. Lots of them with tiny babies. We saw lots of other birds too, and hiked around the island. An amazing start to the trip.

I wont go through each of the islands in turn as there is too much to remember, but I will just say that they are all very different, we saw red sand, greenb sand, black sand, white sand. Different types of lava formations and islands that felt like we were walkingon completely different planets. We saw clear blue skies and also big black clouds, but everywhere was beautiful and you never failed to be amazed by what came next.

So I guess the easiest thing to do is to mention a few key things that spring to mind from my time there.....

Night time sea life - so must people on the boat go to sleep very early but for those who stay up there is an amazing sea show to be had. We saw huge sharks hunting for the fish who were attracted by the lights on the boat, we saw sea lions playing in the water and pelicans restingon the boat, so close that we could have touched them.

Uninterested wildlife - almost every bird or fish or animal that we saw was not affraid of us, in fact some were curious and approached us, but never did they shy away. I remember the day we were all excited about getting close the the hawk only to return to the beach and find loads of them sitting on our beach towels and not moving from them despite our return. I have literally been stepping over wildlife for 8 days, and at times have almost stepped on things. It´s very strange

Bird Display - one afternoon after lunch while we wer sailing to the next stop, a huge swarm of boobies and frigates and pelicans followed the boat and put on a huge fishing display. Even the crew werer shocked and amazed and were filming it. So amazing to see.

Giant Tortoises - ONe of the things I was waiting for, we saw them on a coupldof islands and they were quite small, but on the penultimate day we saw some massive ones, so big that I could get in the shell of a dead one. Those guys are BIG. The babies are very cute too.

Snorkelling - after wimping out many times due to the ridiculously cold water, I was finally persuaded to snorkel in 5 foot deep water off the boat. It was the best thing ever. I was slightly nervous at first, but straight away I saw an iguana diving and schools of beautiful fish. I was so glad to have done it and very pleased that the others talked me into it. Where would I be without my new gay friends from San Diego (I would also not know about Pisco Sours which would also be very wrong indeed). Also Louis the French guy who looked out for me whilst I was snorkelling and was the best at spotting the wildlife throughout the whole trip.

Crazy American Lady - not right in the head, but gave me a hug and a kiss everytime I saw her. She was sweet really.
Funny Ecuadorian Guy - who was redesigning the menus on the boat and came with us on our afternoon excursions. Became my buddy for the second half of the trip when most of the original people had gone home.
Amazing Guides - Roman, Marcela, Martin etc and even one who has lived down the road from me in Brighton.

Things I've seen - Pelicans, Boobies, Gulls, Sea Lions (and after birth - nasty), Fur Seals, Iguanas (of many varieties and in most cases huge piles of them), Lava Lizards, Crabs, Marine Turtles, Giant Tortoises, Flamingo (just to the one on the last visit to the islands), many fish, shark (big and white and small and black), Frigates, Albatross (doing the mating dance and feeding the babies), a very rare red bird I forget the name of, hundreds of mocking birds, finches, dove, some cows and a chicken. Many varieties of cactus and their prickly pears, poison apple treee, insence tree, cocoa tree, lavá, volcanoes and I´m sure much more that I have forgotten about (or chosen to orget about in the case of the naked swiss guy).

I could talk forever about that place, I fell in love with it the minute I landed and I'm incredibly sad to have left it behind.

I have discivered that I am reallybad at saying goodbye to people, I have been upset each time people have left the group and feel sad today now that I am on my own in an internet cafe in Cartagena, Colombia. But I have just met Jonny, one of my tour guides and he seems very nice. He has the air of someone who has smoked a lot but I guess is just chilled from having one of the best jobs in the world.

Time now for a walk around the city, I have already seen some amazing sights just sat here looking out of the window. I meet the tour for real at 6pm and we will then go for some dinner and drinks. I´m sure by this time tomorrow I will be happily in the company of some more travellers and be back in my happy place :-)

BTW - I wanted to share some photos but this internet cafe does not have the facility for me to upload them. I will add some as soon as I can.

Miss you all, Sarah xxx

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