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Canoa quebrada

Beach time and kiting!!!


We arrived at the beach late afternoon.  We were camping on a campsite full of sand.  So we other or tents for our final two nights camping on the whole trip and started the process of gradually bringing it all in.

The owner of the campsite gave us a little tour of the town and showed us where to book various optional activities should we want to do anything with our free day the next day.  There was a lot on offer but the two main ones are quad biking on the dunes and kitesurfing.  I've wanted to try kite surfing for a long time and wanted to have a go but when rudi asked if anyone wanted info on the classes I found myself saying nothing, I was a bit scared and no one else was going to help me through it.

As we finished our little tour of the town, down the main street called broadway (and pretty much the only street) and along to the beach where it was incredibly windy, I convinced
Myself to do the quad biking.  And the rudi announced that the tour was over and he was off to find out about kite surfing lessons for him.  Hmmm, someone else was doing it.  I asked him to find out about it for me too and then headed off for my cook group shopping leaving most of the group playing on the beach.

After dinner we had a few drinks at the campsite, talked myself into going kite surfing with rudi the next day and at 10pm Sarah and I decided enough was enough and we needed to go out before we all crashed.  We were told it was too early to go out but we chose to ignore the advice.  As it goes it was right there weren't many people out yet so we found a little bar and tried the local drink of capeta. 

Capeta is a cocktail that they sell everywhere in town and it's made of guarana power, guarana, chocolate, condensed milk, cinnamon and vodka.  Sooo sickly but we were told these would keep us awake all night and as we were heading to a party on the beach with the intention to watch the sunrise we needed them.  

We had a few of those, some caiprinhas a few games of pool and we were all pretty smashed and throwing some shapes on the non existent dance floor.  Joel was entertaining Sarah and I by tucking napkins into everyone whilst they werent looking and taking pictures of them.  Very childish but I do love these games.  We got everyone in the group then turned our attention back to dancing.  The gays were shocking some of the locals with their moves but they loved it and eventually most people in the bar were dancing too. 

At 12:40am we decided to make our way to the beach bar to join in the party everyone in town had been going on about.  All of our new local friends told us it was too early to go but nevertheless we went and they took us there.

We walked down tot he beach and then down a weird pathway caved into the cliffs on the beach front which were lit up.  It was a nice walk and built up suspense about what we'd find at the end as the path had tall walls on either side so you couldn't see where this was leading.

We got to the bottom to find a little area of the beach with a bonfire in the middle and little coloured lanterns hanging up.  On the side was a raised bar with an area at the top of the steps to dance. 

The locals were right, we were too early but we didn't care there was a lovely bar and the sea to paddle in.  I took a little walk in the sea and then one of our new friends came up and started dancing with me in the sea, it was pretty cool.  The night got pretty messy, lots of cocktails and I danced constantly the whole night.  By the end we pretty much new everyone there and there was a lot of people there.  It seemed like the whole town had descended onto the Friday night reggae beach party.  

A small group of us had made a pact I stay until sunrise as this town is supposed to have the most amazing sunrises.  Each of us at some point tried to break the pact and head home but we kept each other going and before we knew it, it was 5am, the bar closed and the sun was rising.  If I'm honest the sunrise wasn't all that, but it's quite nice seeing the party through to the end.

We walked back to camp tired but not sleepy so ended up leading about for a bit seeing how many we could get in Tyler's weird hammock contraption (3 but it's very claustrophobic) and tipping ransoms out of their hammocks before finally going to bed at 6am.

At 7am I wake up as Sarah is leaving the tent because it's too bloody hot and it really was baking.  At 8am I wake again roasting and feeling really quite unwell it was well into the 30s already at this point. I took my sarong outside and tried to lie in the shade to sleep but I started getting eaten by sand flies.  I got back in the tent by got too hot again.  I got out again and made tea ad breakfast but struggled to manage it all as I felt bad!  I walked about not knowing what to do with myself until I decided to go out and but some ice cold water and some acai and insect repellent.  I only managed to buy water standing at the checkout thinking I was going to pass out while I waited for the lady in front to pay for 9 reals of shopping with 10 cent coins.  

I was going to head back but Sarah persuaded me to go to the beach.  It was a good call as it was much cooler  on the beach as there was strong winds.  Sarah got straight into the sea and was happily messing about whilst I slowly died in the shade on the
Beach.  I slept a bit there and then the tide came right in so we went to the bar and got some food and drinks in an attempt to feel a bit better.  It wasn't working, I had a coconut which I love and I couldn't drink it. This was bad!

When the tide came in so high that the bar was flooded we decided to walk along a bit more, past loads of the little sailing boats in the direction of our campsite.  I positioned myself in the shade to sleep again while Sarah made a sandcastle and then also fell asleep.  

I had to head back mid afternoon for my kite surfing lesson.  I was feeling much better after a sleep but wasn't sure I was ready for this.  We were picked up at 3pm by two very cool looking girls in a sand buggy.  They told us that the tide was too high so they were taking us further along the beach for our lesson.  I was very pleased about this as I really didn't fancy doing it in front of everyone on the main beach.  The drive to our location was cool in itself, rudi and I were sat on the back ledge of the dune buggies bombing along endless deserted beaches.  

We arrived at or location and rudi went off with his instructor and me with mine.  She told me all about the areas that you fly your kite in and explained that today we were sticking to the safe zone which is directly above and to either side of you.  We would use the power zone, where you put the kite in front of you a little a the end to do some body drags, but this would be saved for later lessons once you have learnt how to control the kite properly.

First things first I should have worn shorts but noone told me so I just had my bikini.  It was looking like it was going to be a problem but my instructor said I could wear hers.  She was so skinny this was going to be embarrassing. She was convinced if fit though so I have it a go and I got into them.  Wahoo! This class was brilliant already :)

I started the class using a training kite on foot on the beach.  A much smaller kite which is only 1.5 meters wide and played around with controlling the kite.  It reacts much more quickly than you would expect and against all instinct if the kite starts pulling you away, you don't pull it towards you as this pulls the ends of the kite in and creates a pocket to collect wind in and it pulls you harder.  

We played around in the safe zone moving the kite up and over my head finishing with me controlling it all the way down so that nina my instructor could catch it.  It was pretty tricky as they are so responsive but I got the hang of it ok and the. We moved on to the real kites.

I was told how to set up the kite and then set it up myself.  I was harnessed up and was talked through the security process and what to do if you feel out of control or tangle with and obstacle.  Then it was time to get in the water and learn how to control the real kite.

They are really powerful and take you up really easily if you pull too hard.  I was taught how to launch from the beach and also how to relaunch if it crashes in the water.  I played for ages trying to get the control right ad eventually we moved on to body drags.  

For body drags you drop yourself in the water and then control the kite so that it drags you through the water.  It's a lot of fun.  Initially Nima was holding on to me whilst I was dragging but she eventually let me go solo which was scary but cool! I seemed to find it harder on one side than the thee but pretty much got the gist of it before the sun went down and we had to learn how to pack the kites away.  The drive back was wicked, with the sun finally setting and just the cool air and the occasional sand whip in the face.

I got back and had to start cooking straight away.  We were doing a final camp night BBQ and I was in charge of accompaniments and punch.  It was all really yummy and we had a good final feed.  Most people were still destroyed from the night before which I was too but with the end of my trip in sight I didn't want to pass an opportunity for a good night out so the usual contenders of team america and team Sarah hit town again. It was a good night with everyone dancing to keep themselves awake.  We went back to the beach bar but it was pretty quiet so we say on the beach for a while. I must have fallen asleep about 10 times whilst I was taking to people.  This was not going well.  The bar stared filling up and we woke ourselves up with some more dancing.  We were all a bit reggae'd out so at 2am we headed back to the main street to see what was going on there.  It was heaving with people all stood on the streets outside of the bars, and all of the places that were closed until now were open and were clubs.  It was a really nice atmosphere and we saw all of the people we had met the previous night along the way.  We stopped for a drink and a dance but I was so tired I needed to head back to camp and admit our time in this little town was done.

Next stop jericoacoara, the best beach in brazil for more kiting and random shenanigans!

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Hey good stuff Sar...Impressed with the kite surfing specially after so little sleep! Love you xxx mum

by Mum

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